#MaxYourTax with Walmart Family Mobile and Unlimited Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web!!

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Walmart Electronics Department

This is actually my favorite time of year, Tax Refund time, it’s the time that I can actually splurge and get the things that I cannot afford during the year.  Normally this is the time when hubby and I buy things for ourselves since we spend the year giving and giving to the kids, but I thought “Why not?” to spoiling my daughter a little bit with Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web.

Lexi has been bugging me for  A LONG time for a smartphone but it just was not in our budget at all, so we told her that if she saved up money to buy a phone and then pay the monthly service, she could have one.  Well……I decided to go ahead and get her the phone, but she has to earn it AND she still has to pay the monthly bill!  When I told her that, she was excited!  But shhhh, don’t tell her, mommy plans to use part of our refund to pay for a few months for her as a special gift!!

Luckily, she won’t go broke every month due to Walmart #FamilyMobile Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web!!  The phone she wanted??  The Nokia Lumia 521 Flame because she prefers Windows 8 over Android!!  To be honest, I get lost, am I getting old?


As you can see, the Nokia is under $100, just like most of their phones!!  And with the plans very affordable at 29.88 for unlimited talk and text, or 39.88 for Unlimited Talk Text and Data/Web, it makes Walmart Family Mobile one of the Cheap(est) Wireless Plans.

Lexi with Display

The beauty is that there are no contracts, so if she can’t pay one month, then she is out of a phone for that month, mommy doesn’t get stuck with a bill!!  Another thing I learned when we got home is something really special, I can control when she uses her phone, block numbers of people she shouldn’t be talking to and more!!  NICE!!  Just thought I would throw that in there.

Excitedly Waiting

So there you have it, a super excited teen and a happy mom who didn’t have to spend the entire tax return on a phone.  And she doesn’t even mind the monthly bill since it is so low!!  WIN WIN!

Lexi Playing

Oh and she couldn’t wait till we got home to play with her phone, in fact the very first person she texted, was of course THE BOYFRIEND!  Grrrr!


In fact, the little brat only let me have the phone long enough to take this picture!  I wanted to play with it a little so I could tell you more about it, but no, she needed to text and listen to music and aaaaaauuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh!!!


What are you planning on doing with your tax refund?


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