Couples Night In: 5 Romantic Valentine’s Dates at Home

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Couples Night In: 5 Romantic Valentines Dates at Home

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and just 5 short days after that is our wedding anniversary, so generally we celebrate them together.  As you can imagine, this time of year is VERY important to me and romance is what I always want.  I am not the kind of person that can be wooed with chocolates and flowers, I want something practical that I can really use but I also want his undivided attention and to NOT have to cook or hell, clean up after.

In past years ALL I have gotten is exactly what I don’t want, flowers that die (they are beautiful but still) and a box of assorted chocolates that maybe has 1-2 that I actually like, the rest go to the kids.  THIS year, I want the romance so I am giving hubby the opportunity to choose 1 or more of the following date night ideas for us to celebrate.

Is it bad that I am hoping for all 5 in the following order??

First, we will ship the kids off to Grandma and Grandpas!!

Dinner & a Movie

Hubby is an amazing cook, so I want a nice steak dinner, and I’ll make a lovely dessert, more than likely cheesecake since it is his favorite.  We will sit at the table together and have an actual conversation.  The TV will NOT be on!  Then we will pop some popcorn, turn down the lights and cuddle together to watch a movie!


Backyard Stargazing

After the movie, we can grab a blanket, head to the backyard and stare up at the stars, cuddle and reminisce about our 17 years together.  I feel that stargazing is very relaxing and romantic and just can be so surreal!


Bubble Bath for 2

Now it is time for a nice relaxing bubble bath together, to rekindle the passion.  Something that hubby and I both enjoy is him brushing my hair.  It relaxes me and for some reason it is something he loves to do.  Here, he can do that and just enjoy each others company!


Couples Spa

Now that our bath is over, we can continue with a couples spa.  All you need is some candles, oils or lotion, soft music and of course turn the lights down or off!  Nice relaxing massages are in order here.


Your Own Personal Bed and Breakfast

Who needs to leave home to experience a B&B or even a hotel experience?  Not this gal, I will have spent the day turning our bedroom into a relaxing, romantic and inviting suite.  Complete with a bottle of champagne, roses, strawberries, chocolate, the works!!  Perfect end to a perfect evening!!

Now to see if I can get hubby on board with this.

What are you doing this Valentines Day?


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    Super cute post. I don’t blame you for wanting something a little different. I hope you get your wishes. The star gazing and Bubble bath had me. I love doing things like that. Good luck! I hope you get what you want!

  2. says

    Sounds wonderful! I’ve actually never spent Valentine’s Day with my husband. In the 3 years we’ve been dating or married, he’s always been deployed or away for training. It’s the same this year, but maybe next year will be different. I’d love to just spend time with him, alone; I don’t really care where or how. Just talking and being together would be wonderful!
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