Choose the best china cabinet that will fit your home interior

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English: China cabinet from the early 20th cen...

English: China cabinet from the early 20th century from the Low Countries on display at the Franz Mayer museum in Mexico City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China cabinets are often referred to as curio cabinets. These provide a great way to store your easily breakable china and display it without any chance for it of breaking. You can also use a china cabinet to store your other collections of items that are valuable to you and that you want to show to your guests and your family. However, finding the right one for your needs can sometimes be a difficult task. First of all, before you can start looking, you need to know what you will be using it for. You also need to think about the amount of space you will need your cabinet to provide. Another important consideration is the decor in the room where you are planning on putting the cabinet. In general, you can find a china cabinet in any size, shape and style.

The features

Once you start looking for a suitable china cabinet for your requirements you need to decide how you will be displaying your collectibles in it. When you are making a final decision, it is very important to understand all the features as well as the purpose of each of these features. For example, in case you choose a china cabinet which has a mirrored back you will get more definition for the collectibles you are displaying in it. This will put emphasis on the items especially in case the cabinet will be put in a smaller room. Moreover, a mirrored back will provide more depth.

A large number of china cabinets come with their own interior lighting. This way you can turn the attention of your visitors to all the different items you are displaying. Sometimes, you can even get a china cabinet with pre-cut plate grooves. These can be very helpful for supporting a valuable collection of plates you have. The plate grooves can come in different versions and some of them are horizontal while others are vertical.


In case you choose to get one of the more traditional china cabinets – also known as traditionelvitrineskabe by the Danish – you can find out there, you can be sure that it will give the room it is put in a lot of style. Some cabinets come with their own unique design that includes carvings and elegant lines. In most of the cases, a traditional china cabinet will be made out of real wood and will feature hand-made carvings to accentuate the items in it. There are different finishes you can choose from when it comes to the most traditional china cabinets on the market. You can also choose the additional features such as glass front doors or adjustable shelves.


In most of the cases, the more contemporary versions of the china cabinets are created from light wood and they are also a lot smaller so that you can put them in really tight spaces. These usually feature sleek lines instead of the traditional carvings and will fit any style and any decor.

Depending on what your style and personal taste is, you have many options before you. Do some research, check out different shops and buy the china cabinet from that will perfectly match the spirit of your home.

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    I agree with everything above, as an interior designer and former furniture sales person I know how many people don’t look at anything you have stated above.

    One thing I do like to point out to people is that if you love a cabinet, but it doesn’t have the bells and whistles that you want, you can always add them. Don’t pass on a style you love if there is something that can easily be added.
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