3 Ways To Reconnect Your Family

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20120217-Family Game Night-27 (Photo credit: Crosswinds Community)

Home is more than just a house. Consider it a fortress in which you and your kingdom reside! Your home should be your family’s safe haven, and a place for you to rest, bond and grow. Often times, however, it becomes a burden to up keep and a passing zone for the various members of your family as they rush off to complete their daily task, and handle their personal lives.

The setup of your home, however, can help transform it into an atmosphere where your family bonds, grows, and creates memories. It really depends on you setting the tone and taking it back to the basics. Here are 3 simple ways you and your family can reconnect.


A few set routines throughout the day can have your family in sync in a breeze. Start by carving out times to eat a couple of set meals. 10 minutes for breakfast and an 45 minutes minimum for dinner throughout the week can not only draw you closer, but give your family time to mentally prepare for the day, and unwind and the end of the day as well.

Family Stations

Setup a family station, or command center, in a centralized location in your house. This should be a location that each and every family member passes frequently. Then get your family in the habit of checking here for notes, communications, keys and more! This station should include everything from lunch money and school notes, to words of encouragement and a family calendar (the calendar helps if each member has their own colors).

Family Activity Night

Just as every couple should have a routine date night, your family should have a routine activity night as well. The frequency of this depends will depend on your preference, children’s ages, and even the season of the year. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something that works for all the members of your family, and that is communicated well in advance (use the calendar in your family station for this!). Your activity night can be an outing like bowling, pool, or a night in playing board games or twister. Whatever it is, just be sure it’s something that is allowing you to communicate and enjoy each others company. Avoid activities like movies where you are watching the television or big screen rather than enjoying each other.

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